Property Information All Fields Required
Description    Total Cost  Prepaid
Soft Costs Soft costs consist of all expenses incurred or to be incurred before
actual construction starts such as:
Survey, Architectural, Engineering, Permit Fees etc.

Enter the total cost (paid or unpaid) in the first box and
he out of pocket amount in the second box.
Hard Costs This is the actual cost of physical construction.
Enter the total paid or unpaid in the first box and the out
of pocket expenses in the second box.
Lot Value Enter the present value of the property or the purchase price,
if owned for less than two years in the first box and your equity
in the second box.
Future Value Enter the future value.  
Loan Information All Fields Required
Description  Value    
Loan to Value Select the desired Loan to Value of the construction Loan Program
you have in mind.
Loan Fee Select the loan fee (points) you expect to pay.  
Construction Term Select the length of time, in months, you expect construction to take.  
Loan Rate Enter the loan rate you expect to qualify for. %  
Contingency Resave