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Construction Loan Budget Calculator

Construction Loan Amount Calculation is Based on Construction Budget.

Lenders may use different approaches and include different options in their construction loan offerings.


Almost every lender will use a slightly different version of this calculator to determine the loan amount for a construction loan.

It is almost impossible to arrive at the loan amount and cash requirement with a single calculation as the variables are numerous and there is always a need to go over the numbers and re adjust them to optimize the loan amount.

Remember that LTV (Loan to Value Ratio) is based on the future value and that value will depend on the particular construction loan program which will also be governed by the LTC (Loan to Cost Ratio).

Every field has a question mark icon next to it, and by clicking on the icon, relevant information will be given.

This calculator is for someone who is well versed in various construction loan program types and as such the novice will be better advised to contact his/her loan officer to confirm the numbers every time there is a need for a change in the numbers.

Remember: Every field is required, even if "zero"